Mobile Casino

Why sit at your computer playing your favorite casino games when you can sit on your couch, outdoors in the sunshine, on the train, in the break room at work… or anywhere else where you can just kick back and relax.

It sounds great, doesn’t it? Imagine having all your best slot and casino games in your pocket. You can grab your smartphone, whether it is an Android device or an iPhone, and get started at Zar Casino whenever you wish. And if you’d rather use a tablet, we’re here for you on that size screen too.

Mobile games are still big on action

We’ve got games from several sources at Zar Casino, so you can always count on finding your best titles right here. You know how some casinos suddenly shrink when you visit them on a mobile device? Yeah… that’s not going to happen here. All the biggest titles are still there in the mobile version of Zar Casino, providing you with reassurance that you can always check out the best ones on a small screen.

Different controls with demo versions to try first

Don’t worry if you’ve never tried a mobile slot game before. You might be surprised at how impressive they are. The controls change, taking full advantage of the touchscreen on your tablet or smartphone, but many people find these controls easier. Check out some demo versions first and make sure you know how everything works before you play for real.

Dozens of slots and casino games can be found in our mobile casino every day of the week. Make the best of your time at Zar Casino, regardless of where you are or how much time you can spare. We’ll follow you anywhere!